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Every year`s automobile lover wishes burdens auto companies to design the latest exemplars that have boosted performance, numerous peculiarities, and dimensions. When you are considering the very last one and trying to detect what dimensions your respective BMW i8 features, you can rely on our site. On this webpage, we provide differing charts and tables of content along with close information touching the BMW i8 properties, especially, their dimensions. Vehicle owners have a lot of needs to meet - convenience, flexibility, smooth parking, clever gasoline consumption, as well as others. That is why the dimensions of your own BMW i8 can be one of the primary facets to think about when trying to elect a modern car. In such a manner, every driver knows three dimensions which include height metrics, width metrics, and length metrics.

Firstly, the height of your BMW i8 could be measured from the bottom to the tip-tall point of the car roof. Next, the width is a critical thing for any person, who has a narrow storage area, to the fact that this second measure identifies the widest parts of the BMW i8 without side-view mirrors. The final thing to consider is the length metric of your BMW i8 and to learn this metric a driver has to measure it from the vehicle`s rear part towards the front bumper and settle a device (like a meterstick) on the ground have the sharp data. Typically, a classic car length is placed between 10 and 18 ft. In short, it is possible to surely do the metrics of your BMW i8 on your own, but our company`s auto professionals have previously analyzed the needful car manuals and official internet pages so you would painlessly make out the dimensions of a BMW i8 from our charts.


What are the dimensions of a BMW i8?

BMW i8: Length 4,689 mm (184.6 in) / Width 1,942 mm (76.5 in) / Height 1,298 mm (51.1 in) / Curb weight 3,394 lb (1,539 kg)

Is the i8 a luxury car?

The 2021 BMW i8 might just be your spirit animal in the form of a luxury hybrid sports car. It's a progressive and unconventional Coupe and Roadster. Hybrid sports cars are not that unusual anymore.

Why was the BMW i8 discontinued?

Apart from being too costly for the customers, it was also challenging for the company to keep producing such a unicorn of a vehicle. BMW's decision to stop making the i8 was likely driven by the fact that the car didn't fit into its long-term strategy to develop an all-electric fleet.

Is the BMW i8 a super car?

The BMW i8 is a futuristic supercar that proves environmentally friendly hybrids needn't be boring.

Is a BMW i8 rare?

The ultra-rare BMW i8 Protonic Frozen Yellow Edition

With the BMW i8 now consigned to history, what is certain is that its existence forged the hybrid sports car niche, and the BMW i8 Coupe and Roadster have certainly secured their place amongst BMW's greatest hits.

How many i8 are there in the world?

In total, there were 20,465 units produced: 16,581 coupés and 3,884 roadsters.

How long does a BMW i8 battery last?

2020 BMW i8 batteries ordinarily last between 3-5 years, but this is variable depending on weather conditions, driving habits, the type of battery, and more.

Is the i8 comfortable?

A user-friendly ride and comfortable front seats make the 2020 i8 usable every day; however, its limited storage space and compromised cabin access might cross it off most people's lists.

Will BMW i8 come back?

The i8 M—or whatever BMW decides to call its next-generation hybrid sports car—will be all-new for the 2026 model year. We expect to find out more as we get closer to the car's on-sale date, which is predicted to be sometime in 2025 as a 2026 model.

What is the BMW i8 being replaced with?

The BMW I8 M Will Be Entirely Different

Instead of the last BMW i8 model, which houses a turbocharged 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine. The all-new BMW I8 M concept is expected to use a turbocharged four-cylinder engine, although not much else has been revealed regarding which engine will be used.

Was the i8 a success?

At the same time, the BMW i8 developed into the world's most successful sports car with an electrified drive system. With more than 20 000 units sold since 2014, it achieved higher sales than all competitors in its segment combined.

Do they make BMW i8 anymore?

The 2021 i8 comes with a single powertrain that mates a turbocharged 1.5-liter three-cylinder gas engine with an 11.6-kWh battery pack and two electric motors. The trio of power sources combines a total of 369 horsepower, capable of driving all four wheels.